A Problem with Many Possible Solutions

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    So, a friend of mine with an Xbox 360 got Fable 3. It ended up with a perfect ring scratch, and now the game won't even start, so reluctantly, he bought another copy. It happened again, except now, Bowerstone Industrial won't load. We've attempted to burn both discs to the hard drive on his 360, but both give errors, and neither will load.

    I've been downloading another copy for him, and planning on putting it on his 360's hard drive, so he wouldn't need to buy YET ANOTHER copy of it.

    So now I have three copies: One downloaded, two discs.

    A working answer to ANY of these questions would be ideal.

    1) The scratches are on different areas on each disk. Would it be possible on the 360 to somehow combine the two into a working version?

    2)Is it even possible for a softmodded 360 to play the game I'm downloading?

    3)If not, is there ANYTHING that can be done without purchasing any special hardware that could make playing any of these possible?

    Thanks in advance again, and I apologize if any of these seem like noob questions. I've had to do that a lot lately, as I venture into new hacking grounds...
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    I've heard bananas are good for fixing ring-scratched discs. I would take it back to the store though and ask their advice. And make sure that the next time you use the 360, you have it positioned horizantally.
  3. Makoto0729

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    Anyone else know anything?
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    i use a wool buffing pad and buffing compound. just make sure you hold onto it tight, they fly far if you dont
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    Yeah you can buff things out and that would probably be the better route (some shops even offer it as a service).

    I am not sure how an iso will work for this- I can make GOD installs from them but straight up NXE install making I do not think can be done with current tools and indeed signing would probably get in the way somewhere.

    What you can do though is if the disc half works have it installed on the drive and use the disc as an authentication token for the game. Naturally this requires a working copy so a trip to the rental shop might be in order. You might be able to do some odd disc swapping but that is not a path I would suggest.