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Sep 15, 2022
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Please be aware this mod is not yet compatible with all slim models! I have a list of compatible models at the end of this post.


The PS2 Slim has a common problem where the laser ribbon cable will come up and touch the disk as its spinning, leaving scratches that can ruin your games if not fixed. This is caused by the glue that holds the cable down, over time the glue fails and stops holding down the ribbon. A temporary fix for this is to reapply glue on the cable, or buy a new cable that comes with double sided tape. I say temporary because in my experience this only lasts for a little bit before the glue fails again.

The Mod Itself

This mod is a 3D printed shield that attaches to the laser itself. It blocks the laser from rising up high enough to touch the disk, no matter how much the glue fails. It comes as 2 pieces, the shield that attaches to the laser, and a replacement parking cover as the stock one collides with the shield and stops the laser from moving to the edge of the disk. This revision is easy to install, the only tools needed other than what you need to open the console, is a small amount of super glue to attach the shield to the laser (more on this later). The mod is open source so anyone can download the STL models and print it yourself. I also sell pre-printed kits for those that don't have a printer.

So far I have this installed in my personal console, a few consoles I sold, and a friends console. All are still working perfectly and no disk scratching issues at all. This mod is safe to install and does not affect operation in any negative way, as long as it is installed properly.

Future Revisions

The mod in it's current state still uses glue to attach the shield to the laser. Now granted, super glue is really strong but still a potential failure point. I am working on making a revision to attach the shield to the laser with a screw, but finding an appropriately sized screw that does not interfere with the laser mechanism has been challenging. There is an extra screw hole in the laser I plan on taking advantage of. This will also allow the ability to transfer the mod to a new laser in the event you need to change it. I would also like to experiment with other materials, such as resin from an SLA printer or even metal.


This mod is compatible with models SCPH-700xx to SCPH-7700x and SCPH-9000x. This is not compatible with the fats (nor do they need it). It is also not needed on the SCPH-7900x so I'm unsure of compatibility on that model.

There is also a laser compatibility issue I have been warned about. The slims have 2 laser models, the PVR-802W / KHS-430 and the SPU-3170. This mod is not compatible with the SPU laser. I plan on making a variant for that laser as soon as I find a console that has it, all the slims I've seen use the PVR laser. If anyone would like to donate their console with an SPU laser, I will pay to ship it to me and send it back and install the mod revision for free.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions and questions, and if anyone does repairs regularly I may be open to send samples to for review. I will post links to the github page as soon as my account is allowed to ahah

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