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    Now that my wife Joanna has loosened her hold on my social life, I decided to give Elmore Plus a break and try something new. Which brings me to this community of free spirited individuals. You want to know more about me you say? Thanks for asking. My story begins four score and seven years ago, back when things were very different...

    Role play as Louie Watterson aside..

    Hello everyone! Name's Louie (yes, that is my real name), however, your welcome to call me gramps. I'm a 65 year old French/American retired vet/grampa who enjoys playing monster hunter in my free time (grandkids got me hooked on the game after only a few hours). Always been a geek at heart, however, I never really got into the gaming scene until the Gameboy Color was released. Some of my other hobbies include: hiking, tennis (both real tennis and Mario Tennis), football (go Chelsea F.C.), golf (both real golf and Mario Golf), weight training, and cardio. Aside from that, there is also this one show that my grandkids got me watching . . I can't quite remember the name of the show, only that it's about the amazing world of a blue cat and his orange pet fish? Meh, it will come to me eventually.

    Anyway, joined this form to learn the process of translating Japanese only titles to a couple other languages (mainly to finish up translating MHP3HD).

    Not sure if there are any other old timers like myself around here, however, I look forward to you "young-timers" of gbatemp showing me the ropes!