A little thing I wanna make happen. (3D Paper Art Project)

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    Nov 9, 2015
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    So, I refurbish older systems as a hobby, but I have always loved creating things from scratch. With a little encouragement from my girl friend she has convinced me to try something I always wanted to do.

    My first attempt of making these things I decided to do something, iconic...


    So after I made these, she immediately helped me open up an Etsy shop to see if anyone would like them.

    These are all based off game sprites, and then I cut and assemble them out of really nice card stock. I make them 3D by deciding where to cut the sprite and layer it up. A lot of time and trial and error goes into making it look good. It takes me a few hours to assemble each one.

    So my question to you guys, what should I do next? I am currently trying some sprites from Super Metroid, and working on the the first gen starter Pokemon.

    If you were to get something made in this fashion what would you want?

    Just looking for some feedback. More photos below.

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