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    Nov 25, 2010
    Hey GBAtemp.
    So the last time I opened any Wii hacking guide was quite a while ago.
    I noticed most of you are on FW 4.3 ...
    I have a bunch of questions:
    -I am on 4.1 with a modded Wii and I have the HBC, BootMii and Priiloader (or preloader, forgot the name) installed.
    -How can I check what IOS/CIOS I have installed unofficially? (unofficially like via applications in HBC or methods that require modded Wii's)
    -I googled this many, many times and checked many websites but never understood: What on earth really is a IOS/CIOS and what is the difference? Like, I just don't get it. Why do we install them?
    -Should I do an official Nintendo update to 4.3? (Noticing most of you have 4.3) If yes, what will that remove and what will I need to reinstall + how?
    -What's the best way to run pirated games? As long as I can remember, I've been using WBFS Manager on the PC + Neogamma R8b7 to load from USB, but now my USB hard disk is being used for my Xbox.. So I'll have to burn to DVD (I have the oldest Wii it's ok.) What's the best way to run burned DVD games?
    -Anything else you need to warn me about?
    Note: When answering my questions, you're gonna need to have long and clean answers. I am the biggest noob when it comes to Wii hacking. I don't even know what a dopmii is or any of that garbage lol [​IMG]
    So please and thanks [​IMG]
    Your help = appreciated, very much.
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    Mar 18, 2010
    i can answer that you can load games from dvd with neogamma,ios and cios are on the wii to let it work it's like the hardware help(windows for computers) I think.
    I didn't update to 4.3 and with neogamma everything works.
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    1. Syscheck (a homebrew program. creates a log)

    2. an IOS is akin to a driver or a DLL on a Windows machine, more similar to the DLL. Basically, it is a file (Input/Output System, I believe) that is placed by Nintendo updates that more or less tells the Wii how to work. a CIOS is a CUSTOM IOS. It is a rewritten or modified one that makes the standard IOS it is based from work differently, while keeping the original in its slot. CIOS is installed to its own slot.

    3. Install IOS58 (get the wad from ModMii) and then install HBC 1.0.8. Then you can install 4.3 if you so choose, but there is really no need. Shop channel and everything else can just be gotten from ModMii and installed. 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 only defeated homebrew. I would stay on 4.1, you're not missing anything.

    4. Assuming your Xbox is using the drive formatted as FAT32, you can still use it for the Wii! You just need to use a game manager (I use Wii Game Manager) and put the .wbfs files into a WBFS folder on the root of the drive (assuming you still have space). Otherwise, yeah dvd's would work. I would personally use a flash drive if you cant use the hard drive tho cuz dvds suck IMO >_> Plus it wears out the laser faster :|

    ModMii is a program for Windows written by Xflak. He is awesome and should be held in high regards for this XD. This program will save your ass if you're modding the Wii, it gives you a way to LEGALLY obtain Wii IOS files and mod them, then pack them into WADs. Also features guides on how to hack a Wii, it is pretty much Baby Jesus in a can. Check it out, it should be stickied if I remember correctly.
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    Nov 25, 2010
    Thanks both! [​IMG]
    And plasma dragon your explanation was so clear! [​IMG]
    Thanks a lot again.