Hacking A little explanation about what happened with theherogac (aka autoplugin dev)

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Samilop has asked me and given me permission to post this here, so here I am. I also fixed some mistakes and upped the formatting for easier reading (Original Thread)

A lot happened the last 2 days after the release of ds5vita by theherogac who is known for "developing" autoplugin and it is important that you understand what happened.

Explanation: projects on the web are under licenses, if you use part of the code of a project, you need to follow its license; To protect the open-source software. TheHeroGac did some projects like a modification of RetroArch (he just changed some settings in a config.txt), and RetroArch is under GPL which forces people to disclose the source code. TheHeroGac thought it was up to him to decide if he should do it or not. And for other projects like AutoVPK, he bundles apps from devs without crediting them on GitHub.
13 May 2PM : theherogac claims that he doesn't have to disclose the source code because he made it all by himself from scratch, had no prior knowledge to any other ds5 plugin and that people accusing him of not following the license are liars.

Following that claim, we decided to look deeper on that ds5 plugin to prove him wrong; There are 3 main points which disproved his claim.
  1. He doesn't know how to code in C, as all his apps are made in LUA
  2. He can't create a plugin to make DualSense controller work on his vita without even owning a DualSense
  3. Bluetooth is unexplored territory on the vita. Unless you have the aptitude of xerpi, you can't build something from 0 that involves Bluetooth

To be sure of it, we reverse-engineered his plugin (reverse engineer means you take the .skprx and decompile it to get access to the source code) and found lines of code from ds34vita project (which had a dualsense support) in his project. Worst, if you compile ds34vita project with the ds5 support, you get the exact same binary as theherogac ds5plugin (same size, same md5), which means that they are exactly the same, no line code changed, theherogac coded nothing at all.

Following this, he got exposed on twitter, because every time someone asks him something that is tied to open sourcing, he blocks them meaning he close the door to any discussion.

theherogac temporarily deactivated his Twitter account; Came back an hour later, claiming he got hacked and received death threats, and proceeded to ask his followers to not listen to what I said because "I just hate him."

There are 3 reasons why this never happened and is just a desperate tactic to save himself.

  1. My Twitter thread barely got interactions at that time, meaning that not many people (apart from some people on discord vita servers and the 2-3 vita related followers I have on Twitter) actually saw the tweets. So we wondered how a hacker and someone who would go as far as sending death threats to theherogac. Especially when his tweets is all free of any death remark toward him. We searched and unsuprisingly found nothing
  2. You don't hack GitHub, Twitter and Brewology like it was some Henkaku process, if you could, you would be hired by the NSA and very rich for owning a 0 day vulnerability. Doubt you would waste it on a poor drama in a vita scene.
  3. His username in GitHub got renamed into StupidHeroGac, and his description is STUPID PEOPLE x5 + YOUR ACCOUNT IS MINE. Limited English vocabulary + childish way of talking for a supposed great hacker who also conveniently deleted the ds5 repo where he only hosted the .skprx file. But that reminds me of someone

While it did have an effect and some people online tried to defend him, me and other vita devs like Rinnegatamante, skgleba, m1s3ry decided to call him out too.

After being asked to respect licenses multiple time (which he didn't); Being exposed for stealing 1:1 code and trying to get away by falsely accusing me of hacking all his accounts, a coward and making people think I'm a bad person, he decided that he isn't interested in making an apology to me and to the original author of dualsense support code, and betraying the trust of his followers.

Because of his attitude, you should not support these kinds of devs, and not touch another of his release's because he thinks that he's more important than the hard work that the community provided today to have the software we enjoy on our vita. If you want DualSense support, the original dev will compile a build this weekend, normally so you can enjoy it.

Thanks for reading until the end.
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