A Link To The Past Dungeon Layout (SNES)

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    So, I know that using a glitch in ALttP allows you to glitch into an Out Of Bounds state where you can get form dungeon to dungeon by walking through the Dungeon rooms in directions that you shouldn't be able to, see this video from 2:45 to see the glitch in action.

    This guy just finishes the game using the glitch, but as I mentioned if you go in different directions you can find different dungeons lying around and I've got a question about this.

    Are all dungeons stored on the same sort of Map Space or something? If you glitch out of bounds in Hyrule Castle you can find a series of other dungeons so I'm just wondering why exactly that is?

    Obviously the game loads the next section based on where you left the screen at, so if they do share the same map space it just loads whatever room is in the next 'Location' that link loads?

    Any help or info would be appreciated, can't seem to find any info on it anywhere sorry!