a jailbroken ps3 should not play a legit game?

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    Jan 2, 2014
    hi guys, next year I'm planning to buy a jailbroken ps3. I want to know whether a jailbroken ps3 can play a legit game or not as I'm planning to buy ps3 games in NZ before going back to my home country next year. from what I read, it seems playing a legit game will force the ps3 to be updated? is this correct?
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    It depends if the legit game require a firmware version newer than your Custom firmware version.
    But if your console has a custom firmware, you can dump your retail disc and play from HDD instead. Either the game loader will skip the update file, or it will patch the required version automatically, or you will have to find a patch for your game to work on custom firmware.

    It will all depends on your firmware version.
  3. GregoryRasputin

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    Dec 12, 2012

    Yes a PS3 with the latest CFW/MFW will play all games, from either disc or HDD, legit or backed up.
    As the latest MFW covers all games, there is no need to go searching for fixes or anything, just simply play the game.
    All disc based games have FW stored on them, so what you should do, is insert your disc based game into the PS3 and using multiMAN or IrisMan back the game up and remove the Update File, then just play the game from the HDD, this will save your laser and stop you accidentally updating your PS3.
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