A great story from a Videogame store.

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    I work at a local videogame store (private owned, not corp.). This kid comes in with a psp and 3 games and wants to trade it in. I didnt want to take it in but my boss wanted me too so i did. The kid and i begin to chat while we werent busy and i told him about my ds and he told me he was looking for a new portable system. So after letting him try out on of our used lites he decided he should purchase a new lite and 10 games. That was all two days ago. Today the kid returned to the store and told my boss and i that he absolutely was amazed with the ds and he was so glad i talked him into getting it he gave me a $5 tip (the first i have ever recieved). Just thought you guys might like to hear that story.
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    Sounds like a good idea for a ad [​IMG]

    I guess the kid doesn´t know how to mod te PSP, so all he have was a paperweight.
    Anyway, good for him!
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    More like not knowing items such as an m3 or supercard exist because then he wouldn't have bought 10 games, [​IMG]
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    the kid doesnt know that you can "back up" things [​IMG]
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    either way, he seems more attracted to DS.
    aren't we all [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]