A good concept idea for GTA:chinatown wars

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  1. imz

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    There has been a lot of debate on these forums of how the upcoming GTA on the DS should look, the majority of gamers by the looks of it want either a 3D 3rd person perspective (as the current games in the GTA series are) or a top-down view (as in the classic GTA titles e.g. GTA 1,GTA 2,GTA London) I've come up with a concept which satisfies both of these requirements and is a pretty innovative and refreshing notion. A 3D 3rd person perspective on the top screen and a top-down view on the bottom screen. This has been done before, one example is Mario Kart DS, where the top screen displays a 3rd person view and the bottom screen delivers a top-down view, and it works terrifically!

    The two screens would be showing exactly the same thing, just from a different perspective

    here's a concept art

  2. Schlupi

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    I actually think that thats a really good idea. Just... Will the Top-down be clearly visible on the DS screen?

    From your screen shot the text looks all squished and unreadable.. I know it's just an example, but still...
  3. fischju

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    Jan 11, 2008
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    That doesn't look bad
  4. cosmiccow

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    Feb 5, 2008
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    well, we can dream [​IMG]
  5. Jax

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    Jul 31, 2006

    You should send that to Rockstar!
  6. GaveUpTomorrow

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    I'd like to see the DS even just pull off the graphics on the top screen by itself..which I don't think will happen. Having the bottom screen be a top view would be like running two games at once, the top screen being a game that the system couldn't even handle in itself. In a dream world, this would be great. But in reality, I'm doubting that Rockstar could come anything close to this. Maybe for the DS2. [​IMG]
  7. xcalibur

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    Though the bottom screen would be more of a map and a quick inventory rather than a full out game.
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    It looks good, but only because it's screenshots of something that isn't a DS game. Personally, I think "look"-wise, they should go for something like the first Tony Hawk DS game -- cel-shaded, a bit cartoony, but still fairly realistic in look. It would allow them license to be a bit more creative, which they'll need with the limited resources the DS can provide.

    Gameplay and presentation-wise, I don't think your mock-up would altogether work, at least not with a full top-down map on the bottom screen. You're going to need an item / command hub of some sort, but a lot of that is really going to be dependent on their control approach. If the game is completely stylus-driven, ala Dragon Sword / Phantom Hourglass, then of course, everything's going to be on the bottom screen and the hub options will have to be made available via either the Select button or Start button or a combination of both (or side panels on the touchscreen). If it's going to be more traditional, then I'd prefer those things to be accessible via touch command on the bottom screen.

    Of course, having a map on either screen will be useful, but they can easily partition it to a small section of one screen, ala Summon Night DS. Besides, trying to make the map too detailed would eat up too many resources, I think, that could be put to better use.

    My guess is, though, that the Tony Hawk model is what we're likely to see. It's not going to be a vast city like the console games, but it should still offer a good feel of that experience. Not hard to do on the DS.
  9. pasc

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    Sep 9, 2006
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    I'm impressed, that would be like... the best way to do this game !

    maybe they should also decide a Button (maybe the select button) to change the view to this for some seconds to be able to decide which weapon to use:


    After pressing the X Button (maybe) this screen should replace the topdownview if desired by the player:


    The big map you see in the background could be dragged around like the one in Dragon Quest Monster: Joker by sliding it with the Touchscreen.

    Of course I realized that the weapons on the wepselection screen have other colors/styles than the one in the upper screen, and the map, and hud in the 2nd mockup looks totally different from the actual action on top, but that doesn't matter, since those are just ideas (which seem kinda crappy if I think about them after posting....)

    EDIT: After playing Smashing Drive on the GBA once again, I really think that MUCH traffic isn't a problem anymore..., just the pedestrians should give R* a headache, except if they go with - like irpacynot already said - cellshaded 2D characters that seem 3D in the Game and would help the game to run fluid.
  10. berlinka

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    This indeed would be the best way to do it. Off course you could send it to Rockstar Games but I guess they're already halfway through developing the game.
  11. pasc

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    Sep 9, 2006
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    Shall this be taken as a joke meaning that R* shoved a game out of their *****'s in Topdownview crap-like, or does this mean something else ? [​IMG]
  12. Antihero2007

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    Mar 17, 2007
    I would quite like it to have the same kind of 3d top down view as Legend of Zelda Phantom Hour Glass and pokemon diamond. But not all Nintendo cute.
  13. dinofan01

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    Jul 4, 2008
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    Pretty cool.
  14. Xeijin

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    Cel-Shading is to the DS what make-up is to women. Dunno how hot it'd be in a DS game though.
  15. yuyuyup

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    Top down AND 3d view simultaneously has been done like that in Over The Hedge DS.
  16. Pyrofyr

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    Apr 24, 2008
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    I'd normally be the LAST person to say this, but you put too much faith in the 'power' of the DS. I doubt it'll be able to handle high-3D rendering AND a topdownview. You want the best you can get? It'lll probably be a map on the bo ttom alternating between normal menus/changes, and the top view being some form of minor low-3D style. Cel shaded or other such things would be the best form of it.
  17. BakuFunn

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    Apr 6, 2007
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    Yes, that would be truly awesome, like running gta2+3 at the same time. But that is the problem. the DS can not handle that type of crazy rendering. The top screen wold take up lots of resources, then the bottom screen would have to copy the top screen exactly. I think the game should be top-down like the psx, but if it is cell shaded that is also good.

    This might happen, but it will not let players use whatever they want (the bottom screen is too limited, but the top screen is using up all the resources. This would work if the top screen was already 3d, and you could change it to top-down mode. OR when you are going faster and faster, the camera tilts downer and downer. Then it might make the change to sprites. On second thought though, that doesn't make that much sense anyways.

    They should just give an option the change views. It wont be so hard. Rotate the camera to top-down, then make the cars sprites. Then simplify the walls of building. Then make basically anything that moves a sprite. Then you have your gta2 right there. In your mock-up, people will end up looking at the top screen because it is a waste just looking at the bottom screen. In Yu-Gi-Oh it worked because, well it was easy to render the top screen. It was just a bunch of cubes and polygons.
  18. Pyrofyr

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    Apr 24, 2008
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    It got most of it's popularity from the 3rd person view games though instead of topdown, so I think it might turn a bunch off, personally I'd be turned off as well.

    I wouldn't mind it being cel-shaded, as cel-shaded can be done PROPERLY without being overtly colorful and ugly.
  19. VVoltz

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    Nov 6, 2002
    Great idea. But the system is too little to pull this. Unless instead of polygons they pull some kind of sprites in a pseudo 3D enviorment a-la Doom.
  20. Raestloz

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    Feb 7, 2008
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    I'd say having a top-down view in touchscreen is not good.

    1st: It'll take lots of resources, which is, sadly being used by top-screen
    2nd: I'd say the touchscreen should have a worldmap, which is switchable with another screen. And the map is drag-able, just like somebody posted, but I'm too lazy to quote his/her post
    3rd: the minimap is just like the top-down view, no need for another mini-map
    4th: the "other screen" that I suggested should feature these:

    1: The Weapon HUD, which includes currently using what weapon, ammo, rounds. A picture may be good, but a simple naming like "Assault Rifle" is better than displaying the picture of AK-47. Touchscreen should be simple, as topscreen is using the resources.
    2: Current Wanted Level
    3: How much money you have
    4: Radio Station you're listening to (if this game has one), and directional buttons that switches the radio. Having L or R to switch radios will waste their usefulness, they can be used for something like duck and aim
    5: Current vehicle you're riding/driving's name
    6: Where you are
    7: buttons that switches the screen to world map or options
    8: The option screen will include things like brightness and other kinds of things

    And surely I can't decide for myself what the R* should do, and I don't believe they'll listen to me.

    This is just an opinion........