A gamaeshark for a R4DS

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by DarkSpace, May 25, 2008.

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    Is there anyway to make a homebrew program like the nitro hax (which is a cheat system in the slot-one card for a DS game pack) for the gba. What I'm trying to say is that does anyone know if we can make a Action Replay for the GBA homebrew for a gba game (legit one). Would it be possible to make a homebrew on the slot one card for a legit slot-two game like Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones?

    Edit1: Can't believe I spelled gameshark wrong.
  2. Narin

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    Hmm, I'm not sure if its possible or not on official GBA games, but it is possible for ROMs. The EZ flashcards have an ability to load cheats onto GBA roms. I'm not sure if it loads them into memory or patches the game with the cheats on the fly.
  3. TheWingless

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    It might work if there was some kind of patch creator and a GBA homebrew loader with auto patching/built in system in to the firmware that auto patches... that is if you are using an expansion tool. You probably would have to make a patch file for each rom though and that's pretty tedious. But then again, I believe there was a patch maker that would implement cheats and you could access it with button commands? No need for auto patching then. Now if it was for official game paks, it'd probably would require an addon that goes in to the GBA slot(which was basically the game shark) or stay in the RAM or something. You can't really patch the official game cart because it's read only memory(ROM). That would mean the GBA game would some how need access to the slot 1 cart while playing a GBA game, but I don't really think that's possible.
  4. RaiDesu

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    And you can't have it running in the background, since NDS mode can't do GBA. Otherwise, we wouldn't need slot-2.
  5. Raestloz

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    Can you run it in the background once you enter Slot-2 Mode? Cheats are supposed to work that way, aren't they?