A friend of mine needs help

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    A friend of mine wants to play Brawl, so he burned a backup(PAL, dual layer) and put it in his Wii (Pal, modded with D2PRO) and everything works fine, he enters the disc channel, press start, see a loading screen, but then the screen goes white with no text.
    Anyone knows how to fix this? I did not have this problem (PAL, wiikey) and don't know how to help him, he tried GeckoOS but it didn't help either.
    Thanks for anyone who'll tell us what to do!

    got it working, you can lock the thread now.
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    Is it dual layer, or single layer?
    I've had a similar problem with my SL brawl, but all i do is not let the intro go at all, and it's fine.
    Does it do it before the intro?
    If not, just hit start, and never let the intro fully play.

    If it does it beforehand, and is completely unavoidable.. i apologize for wasting your time.