1. zErO

    OP zErO Newbie

    I personally would enjoy a forum for other video game systems, a general one, or something where we could discuss certain types of video games, RPG being the most wanted video game genre forum, i would think.
  2. KiVan

    KiVan Hooray! Member n# 1!!!
    Former Staff

    Oct 23, 2002
    we discussed about this before...
    we want to keep GBATEMP a forum only GBA related...

    for all the offtopics there's the proper forum [​IMG]
  3. zErO

    OP zErO Newbie

    Why only GBA related though?
  4. Dranzer

    Dranzer Rom-Source Admin/Rep

    Nov 15, 2002
    United States
    It will help, keep the confusion down to a miniumal, Once a place starts going from one thing to the next, people loose sight of what the website/forum is really about. Plus this has never really been done before. Most rom forums do a multiple post ( PSX, PSX2, etc.. etc.. ) and they really just loose track of what going on, and plus it would be harder for the admins, and mods to keep track of whats going on. So by just keeping it GBA only it really helps... But like KiVan said, thats why the "OFFTOPIC" forum is here for. [​IMG]
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