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  1. FutureTrunks

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    Jul 12, 2006
    hi there my birthday is coming up and im wondering what flash card thing to get is the best around and not too expensive

    to play gba games and nds games on i was just wondering if anyone knows a site in england where i can look for one
    please get back to me asap thank u
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    Please use the search function at the very top of the website as these type of questions have been answered numerous times before. You may want to check out these links though which may help:

    General DS Emulation info
    Flashcart Dealers

    Which flashcart can be down to personal preference and due to a number of factors, ie. actual size of cart, memory capacity, use of removal media, or even colour! Check the links, do a quick search and good luck.
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    well, im not gonna be as brute as the last poster, but you can check out the "Reviews" button at the top of this or any gba temp page. it has many products listed and reveiwed by the members of the gbatemp site. Id probally suggest a m3 because it has Just about Perfect M3 compatability and good gba compatability. You can get the supercard which is cheaper, but it has poor gba compatability [​IMG]
    good luck
  4. shingyau

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    Nov 5, 2002
    and I'm not going to be brutal at all [​IMG]

    For a DS lite, I'd recommend getting something like a SuperKey - this will let you use the flashcart without having to flash your DS or have an unwieldy Passme device sticking out. The superkey is pretty cheap from Supercardstore.com who appear to be based in the UK. I got mine from them.

    I can't really recommend the supercard for the DSLite. It performs well and is cheap, but it sticks out from the DS lite body by several centimetres.

    Whatever you get you'll be able to play stuff. It's become a pretty level playing field for all these devices. Enjoy your birthday!
  5. Jinny

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    May 12, 2006
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    Get the PassCard3 anf G6 Lite.

    Nothing sticks out out the Lite at all.
    No one will notice that you are using a flashcart.