A few tips in filtering bad sellers and good sellers.

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    May 4, 2008
    First one thing you should do.

    1.check that the site has fluent English

    usually ENGRISH sites like Gamekool are hosted by chinese or korean or whatever scammers, you can tell what Engrish is if the sentences arent correct and the grammar is wrong.
    usually this is because Chinese companies use translation software that is never perfect in translating fluent chinese into perfectly fluent english.
    for example "R4 is best flashcard for Nintendo DS, using state of art Mature hardware and mature parts this is the best of best and noone can go wrong with the R4s it will never need update again"

    search for their Business number,
    for example an Australian site that sells goods has an ABN (Australian business number)
    also make sure that they have tax inductions which is a give away that they are registered.
    a site that is dodgy or scammy will not have any of this.

    One good thing to do, is ask about products and questions about orders by contacting them, a good site that is trustworthy should reply within a very decent time frame and reply in english.

    Allways READ the terms of service and Shipping and costs, any hidden fee's can be combed through here,
    it also helps to order something and confirm it just to see what the final cost actually is, and then you can simply pay for it or cancel it.

    another thing to do is CHECK where they are located, usually this is found on a "About us" page or "Contact" it should have the resellers company and address and location.

    NEVER buy from a site that claims to be local but actually has your order shipped direct from Mainland china or Hong Kong, because they will be ripping you off
    Gadgetgear is a good example of this, they claim they ship gaming goods from hong kong to keep costs down, but their costs are the same as other retailers that actually ship LOCALLY

    this is unfair as you are giving them more profit than they deserve, and because it's being shipped from another country you have to wait longer than if it was a local reseller.

    Remember, paying some site that appeared out of nowhere and is based in places like Korea or China or any other places, and have no registered business code are very hard to punish with law, if they dont have a registered number they cannot really be traced and the lack of any location details compounds the problem.

    if you paid them by direct deposit or bank transfer your money is as good as gone.
    if you used a credit card, you may be in some serious shit because they will most likely continue making withdrawels from your Credit card account and never stop unless you cancel your credit card altogether which is very very troublesome (not impossible) but it's a huge assed hassle.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for this excellent heads up. I'll make sure to look for these when I'm ordering things online. [​IMG]
  3. dreadyz

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    Oct 4, 2006
    How about Gameyeeeah? I've ordered from them before and didn't have any problems, but currently on their front page is blatant Engrish, "We have enough stock of R4 right now.And we have dispatching all the remaining orders.....................2008.4.10"
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    I encountered a site a little whiles back full of Engrish. I should've bookmarked it to post it here. It was laughable.

    I did contact them thought, advising that they fix that problem as they'll lose alot of customers that way.
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    Apr 22, 2009
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    gamekool is a place NOT to get your homebrew stuff. their egrish is awesome. check it out on their site.
    i ordered from them and never got my order. never replied any of my emails
  6. HokageNaruto

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    Nov 21, 2008
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    that sucks :\. If only this guide came out sooner eh
  7. zeromac

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    Mar 7, 2009
    all this is actually true [​IMG] but i mean... i never order anything online, i get all my stuff locally even r4s cos we got a shop a suberbs away
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    Hahaha nice set of tips...