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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Edster, Dec 6, 2009.

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    I have HBC running on my Wiikey modded Wii. Loaded all the suggest IOS files and installed WiiFlow. I formatted a hard drive using WBFS Mgr. and it was able to load some games off it. Great success.

    In order to get NSMB to play, I have to load the patched ver. of the game. I thought that WiiFlow could play the unpatched? I assume Avatar will not work unless I find a patch?

    I installed Piiloader and it installed but I get an error every time I reboot. It says Hack.ini file cannot be found. Not sure with this is.

    I tried to load Wii Play Resort and it just reboots. Am I missing a cios file?

    Finally, I want to have WiiFlow loaded on the USB HD. I understand I need a fat partition. How can I do this? When I formatted with WBFS Mgr, it formatted the whole drive. As it stands now, the app only runs when I launch the installer from HBC. I know I am missing something here in regards to partitioning the drive. Also, no box art comes up on the selection screen.

    Again, any assistance is greatly appreciated.


    PS> NSMB is a blast!!!
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