A epic Journey into the 2 Mello World!

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    Hi everyone , today i want to show you a underrated Guy! Matthew Hopkins aka 2 Mello born in Lexington , Kentucky in USA , is a Sound designer and game composer , a remixer .
    Please visit the original 2 Mello website for more! Link in end of post!il link a file with all the song because some have been removed due to copyright!

    But today i want to show you another of is works the way he mix video game music with epic old school beats lets begin!

    Chrono Jigga : Well this the first album iv heard of him , a mix between Chrono Trigger and Jay-Z world!
    I am not a big fan of Jay-Z but the both combined make it less painful. My favorite song is Gato's in love Here the link to some of the song please visit the original 2 Mello website for more! Link in end of post for all the songs!

    Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/user/2mello22

    Nastlevania : Well this one is very one of my favorite one a combination of Nas and Castlevania!It is very nice indeed i play Castlevania now with this beat! My favorite song is One night , the Link to the lair of Dracula! as been removed from youtube so download it at the end of the post !

    Wu tang clan Vs Final Fantasy : Well i don't know if you know Wu tang Clan but it have numerous people who have made some nice mix with some other music band like Wu Tang Clan vs the Beatles is one of the nicest one iv heard , but Wu tang vs Final fantasy is something different but it feel so right and sound very good that it is like it was already like this , il lets you enjoy them no more waiting and blabla
    here the link to the Beatles one in case you never heard of it :

    At the Download iv uploaded 4 Bonus song of 2 Mello il lets you find them and enjoy them!! Please Support 2 Mello he is not well know and i think he stuff is dope as fuck! please patron him on he Official website here they are!




    I do not take credit of all he works!! Old School rap music4 life !
    Its is for entertainment purpose and sharing with you tempers enjoy and have a nice day
    And sorry for my bad English please forgive me please correct me if i was wrong!
    If a post already exists about 2 Mello please tell me so i can delete it i didn't see one so thanks!

    Here the Link to the full set of songs + the 4 song bonus! :https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9y9bg73m9a8q2/2_mello

    Please share what you liked about him and what song did you like more!
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