A couple of GUITAR / RAWK SD based questions

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    Jul 8, 2009
    Hi all........ A couple of GUITAR / RAWK SD based questions:

    My Spec:
    softmodded 4.1E
    Waninkoko Cios REV14
    Hermes cIOS's
    Gibson Les Paul (GH3 - Legends of rock guitar)
    USB Loader CFG

    I've just installed hermes Cios's in or to get GH5 running through 'USB Loader CFG' using mload & 002:ON & ios block:YES and now the game loads fine. I haven't installed RAWK SD as yet but need to get a few questions answered before i carry on!

    Do i have to install Cioscorp in order to use RAWK SD on a usb loader? can the prob be solved by burning disc instead?

    Can you play PAL and NTSC-US songs imported using RAWK SD (Rockband 1 tracks & trackpacks) on a PAL Wii running a NTSC-US version of Rockband 2?

    Can i import tracks from Guitar hero titles into Rockband 2 AND vice versa?

    On games like Guitar hero & Rockband 2 when the game asks to save to an sd can i swop it with another sd card as my main sd holds all my main softmod stuff & dol app forwarders on it which are running the apps that play the game?

    What the best way to do this apart from installing apps to the wii's nand?

    I got hold of some of some dlc tunes and they include BOTH a pal .wad format and a ntsc.wad format included with each track, are .wad files the real files i would use for rawk as i have always been a bit relectant to install wads in the past for region problem reasons?

    Is 'Guitars on fire' for homebrew any good? Why should i use this when i already have GH5 or RB2? Are there any benefits or wii controller compatible controls? Is this the custom song heaven?????? Songs not even officially released by neversoft, Activision & Red Octane can be played i.e the tracks we want to play???

    Lastly, considering all of the above, is there any option on any of the GH or RB titles that lets you "auto strum" OR play without strumming (i.e not making a racket whilst strumming at 2am in the morning and just press the fret colour/buttons instead with a GH3 les paul gibson guitar?)

    When it comes to homebrew guitar apps, The question is....Guitarfun OR GuitarsOnFire Or Frets On Fire or ALL? and what are the main benefits of each? Are there any other ps2,ps3 usb mic,guitar,drum controllers you can use with them?

    Thanks in advance people, I've searched many a GBAtemp thread now and cant get any specific answers to my questions!

    Also if it helps anyone else, these are the games i currently have working on my pal 4.1 REV14 wii!

    Games: (iso's)
    Loading (WORKING FOR ME) from freecom 500gb external usb drive (samsung internal drive) & using GH3 Les PAul Guitar with usb loader cfg:

    Guitar Hero 3 (pal)
    Guitar Hero World Tour (pal)
    Guitar Hero 5 (pal) - only worked after installing Hermes cIOS's with usb loader cfg
    Guitar Hero Metallica (ntsc)
    Rockband 2 (ntsc)
    Rockband: The beatles (pal)

    Cheers! [​IMG]
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    Jul 8, 2009
    anyone? [​IMG]