A Bit Of Interesting Info On Nintendo Carts

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    i was chatting to one of the no-intro guys (bigfred) this morning on irc and he mentioned to me that they have worked out how to know what version a rom is without actually needing to dump it

    on the cart there is a 2-digit number. It's not printed - it's like a stamp - you can feel it, if after the 2 digits there follows an A it's v1.1, B 1.2 etc

    for gb/gbc/gba carts the stamped number is on the front,for snes n64 and so on it's on the back

    might come in useful for collectors/people looking to dump different versions of games
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    This is truly some nice info.
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    So that's what they mean with those Pokemon versions. [​IMG]
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    I have always wondered, aside from the obvious collecting reasons, is there usually any difference in the versions? Or is it kind of like multiple printings of a book?
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    Generally, they contain bug fixes and other corrections. For example, if you look back at the various version of Final Fantasy VI, some of the crazier glitches won't work (or can't be caused as frequently) in later releases.
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    i noticed these numbers when i had my GB, all the carts had the numbers on them, but i never knew wut they were actually for. nice to know. don't think i have any with letters after them tho [​IMG]
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    Ok... I realize that this is a really old post but since it is stickied...

    Anyways my one cart has 19 followed by E4 on another line. Both are stamped. E4 is directly below 19. What does that mean? Does it mean that the cart is v1.5?
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    Since this was never answered, I'll answer it now for anybody else curious.

    The E4 stamp has nothing to do with version revisions. The letter stamp appears immediately to the right of the 2 digit number.

    So in the instance above, if it was 19E, then it would be a v1.5. So if it was a v1.5 and had an E4 stamp below, it would be like...


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    i dont see any content in this thread, is that just me, or doesn't anyone?
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    No one does. It's because all the posts from before a certain date got deleted to save server space.
    Although I don't think I've noticed this topic before, and I'm interested to know what it was about.
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    They "temporarily" removed the last 9001 posts or something like that so the site could run smoother.
    Other helpful posts could be found in the archive but that was removed due to spam.

    Edit: My bad, I misread Demon's post.
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    They put it back up.