A bit confused on what to do after installing 6.60 Pro B9

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    Hello, I am a little confused. I have searched the forums and I am still unsure what I need to do next. I followed the directions in this post for PSP-3000 running 6.60


    After installing Pro_B9 ProUpdate and the Flash Recovery I just get a message that says re-booting and the console reboots and I notice no changes. I was under the impression after installing ProUpdate I would be greeted by a new GUI, or desktop background or something to show it is installed correctly.

    I am assuming I just need to install some emulators, and other applications but unsure what I need and where they go. Here is what I am looking to do....

    I want to

    1. Backup my PSP games so I can store them on my Memory Stick Duo so I don't have to carry them around, and use my Disc Drive more than needed.

    2. Want to be able to play me SNES games on the go when I am not at home to play them.

    3. Back up my PS1 games so I can play them on the go.

    As far as backing up my PSP games I am unsure what application I need, and where to put it in my PSP folders. I DO NOT need a tutorial on ripping them. Just need to know what app I need and where it goes, and how to get it running.

    As for the playing emulators, I do not need links to emulators, unless there is a good list of all the best ones. I just need to know where these go in my folders in my PSP, and where the actual ROMS go.

    As for backing up my PS1 games I need to know the app that does this, or lets me boot them up on my PSP, and again where this goes and how to get it running. Also, I would like to know if I rip my Japanese imports if they will work on my English PSP-3000 Console.

    I keep reading about something called CFW I think it was called. I am unsure if this is what I need. I was scared to install it because I was unsure if it would brick my PSP since I have ProUpdare B_9 installed.
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