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  1. ponyboyt

    OP ponyboyt Newbie

    Mar 6, 2018
    When i add controllers in HID to VPAD it takes me back to home screen, then to launch some games i need to run mocha first. i have a worse than 50% fail rate relaunching haxchi to run mocha (freezes/crashes). I thought haxchi applied patches so i didnt need mocha? Can i just hold A launching haxchi to skip haxchi running patches a 2nd time?
  2. Ryccardo

    Ryccardo watching Thames TV from London

    Feb 13, 2015
    Haxchi has a built-in cfw, yes (loaded by associating a button (or default) to "= sysmenu" then using that option) which yes, would conflict with other CFWs if used simultaneously

    In general you should run CFW first, then persistent homebrews/plugins (the least the better), then the application (game)
  3. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight
    Former Staff

    Oct 27, 2002
    Maybe you didn't understand what haxchi channel is doing.
    the channel contains two different things :

    - a elf launcher : this is not haxchi cfw, it's only a launcher, usually set to launch Homebrew_launcher.elf file. It does NOT patch the firmware's signature. Though, it might patch few other things, and re-doing it can freeze your console. *
    - a CFW patcher : this is haxchi patches, you don't need mocha !

    To set which one is launched, you have to use the config.txt file where you define button to be pressed.
    default=/path/to/elf file, or sysmenu : is launched when you launch the haxchi channel without keeping any button pressed.
    b=/path/to/elf file, or sysmenu : is launched when you launch the haxchi channel and keep button B pressed.

    You should first patch your firmware by pressing (or not pressing) the corresponding button to launch "sysmenu", it will apply the patches to the firmware and you don't need Mocha.
    Then you can re-launch the haxchi channel, this time using the corresponding button to launch "homebrew_launcher.elf" when you want to launch a homebrew.

    patching the console to allow launching of elf file (not cfw) can result in a freeze if you try to re-run this patch.
    it was the same when using the browser exploit.
    to prevent re-patching the memory and freeze the console, the browser exploit did that :
    - patch the memory to allow .elf launching
    - patch the MiiMaker channel to put the homebrew_launcher.elf inside, before the real MiiMaker program.
    - Launch MiiMaker channel (which actually launchs the first program : HBL !)

    if you want to re-launch the homebrew launcher, you have to launch MiiMaker ! it will launch only the elf, without re-patching the firmware.

    I don't remember if Mocha channel is doing it the same way. if it's not working (launching miimaker), then you have another solution : install the homebrew launcher channel.
    you'll need CFW first to launch it.

    Mocha channel -> default=sysmenu. That's the only time you need to launch haxchi channel.
    then, use the hbl channel to launch all your homebrew, not haxchi channel anymore.
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