aka Quad9: a new DNS service that protects you from malware

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    I will try it.
    I have nothing to do, so why not?
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    There is many methods of various effectivity how your Internet Provider can block site access, and blocking addresses on their own DNS server (address of which you can receive automatically) is one of such methods, simple change on other DNS helping in most cases if there is such block.
    Also note that many public DNS server have list that they block because their country (of location) law says so.
    But DNS is the service that helping you to find path to the needed sites.

    This same sites can also require you to live in "whitelisted" country or your Internet Provider can, basically, commit "man-in-the-middle"-type attack to block you if you are directly connect to some site that they forced to restrict access by government (it's a thing in Russian Federation, and some other countries), in this case VPN (or less secure proxy) is your friend, since in this case you are connecting to VPN server (or proxy), and from here thing out of control of your Internet Provider.
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    The only thing this will affect is the low-threat spammy stuff. The problem with relying on your DNS server to filter out the bad stuff is... you have to have made a DNS query in the first place. Referring to a node by IP is going to be completely unaffected, botnets will likely see zero impact.
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    I already have a anti virus program called McFee Internet security or something like that. Is it worth changing the DNS still?

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    I'm like that one guy who don't watch porn on this site arn't I? Darn morals.
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    Anyone have some experience with this DNS setup, or tried it out? how well is it holding up?
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    I don't watch porn either, in all honesty. It's just that I'm positive almost everyone else on the internet has.

    besides, hentai is better
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    But the GFW can
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    This is a nice idea but flies too close to limiting access to information. The UK already blocks access to websites it doesn't agree with, May has her sights set on porn sites.

    Scary stuff.
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    Packet Clearing House is known for providing tools for network analysis. Google is more of a chaotic neutral, while Quad9 is along the lines of neutral evil.
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    Been using it since the announcement here on GBAtemp and I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with the results so far. No issues accessing any of the sites I normally browse, but to test the waters, I took it upon myself to click some sketchier links on google searches to see that the DNS server did in fact block them. Of course nothing is 100% full proof, but its an extra layer of security that certainly can't hurt, especially if you have others in the house that aren't very tech savvy and might click on things they really shouldn't. For those wondering, if you do decide to use this DNS server, you SHOULD use it in conjunction with a proper firewall and antivirus as it only blocks "known bad domains" so as new ones pop up, its not going to recognize and block them right away. Also its not going to protect you from botnets and other things of that nature. I also set up google's DNS as a secondary in case Quad9 goes down for any reason so I don't lose web access and have to fiddle with my DNS settings to get it back....