9/10 games freezing from external hdd (and other fascinating 2017 questions)

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    Apr 17, 2014
    Dear console-champions...

    Wasted so much time to my frustration and so here i am trying to learn something... Since google couldn´t help me at all, or perhaps my search terms were completely out of line... :wacko:

    I´m on EU WIIU with the latest official firmware, until i couple of days ago found out about CFW and all possibilities coming with it.

    My (biggest) problem is that i now for several days been trying out two different external hdds. The first one which is non-adapter hdd which actually booted my only working usb-game. Otherwise all the installed games freeze before i get to choose a new or loaded game. Let´s call it an instafreeze. :nayps3:
    After testing another 6 games i got a usb power failure and the console told me the hdd needed more juice, so that´s when i ordered a Y cable for the hdd which i´m still waiting for.

    To be honest i couldn´t wait until it arrived so i used my PS3 external hdd, this time with AC-adapter. 850gb of content to pc later and formatting to ntfs i inserted the hdd to wiiu and let it do its own format.
    Then i started HaxChi and later booted the IOUSU-exploit to install the game from sd-card to my new external setup. And there you go, another instafreeze. :O The games start to boot and freeze the system straight away forcing me to boot from the power button on the console.

    Who can help me solve this? I´m really trying here... :shy:

    And IF someone read this i also have some other questions...

    1. Is it possible to autoboot IOUSU-exploit so i don´t have to start with the classic sysnand?
    2. How can one see the difference between sysnand and the IOUSU except the booting logo from the latter?
    3. How come some games get much bigger sizes after the download is done in FunKii? Do i need to install such big files?

    All and any feedback would be MUCH appreciated.