8GB Lexar Platinum II

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  1. the_skdster

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    May 23, 2007
    Finally got a Slim. 'Lil bro never gave me back my Phat. I love EBgames and their ridiculously good promotions!

    Was searching around for a good 8GB MSPD.
    Founds the 8GB Lexar Platinum II and looks like I can get one for $60 after taxes. Canadian.

    I thought the Platinum II's were really high speed, but I've searched to no end and only found one place that says that the best write speed is 6MB/sec. So read should be what, 10-12MB/sec?
    Looking for the best read speed here, I could care less for the write speed.

    But seeing as I can get this for under $60CND, should I just get it? I can't afford to spend much more.
    I've heard that 4GB cards are better speed-wise than 8GB but 4GB is way to small for me, since I already have a 4GB(fake $15) and can only fit 2 games on it. Plus most games I want to play are huge.

    Anyone have experience with the 8GB Lexar Platinum II?
    Or can someone point me somewhere that shows it's real speeds if what I found is not it's true speed?

    Thank you for reading. Much appreciate it. [​IMG]
  2. CorruptJon

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    May 14, 2006
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    It will be fine. I play with a fake sony with crap speeds and it doesn't lag, only on certain CSO compressed games.
  3. Originality

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    Apr 21, 2008
    London, UK
    My fake SanDisk when I got it would semi brick any game after 6 minutes of playing. First the sound would disappear after 2 minutes, then the game would start to slow down after 4 minutes, then 6 minutes into any game, it would just crash. Resetting gave me a blank screen (XMB wouldn't load) with the MS light blinking a lot but doing nothing. Solution: take out the offending MS.

    People so far on these forums have said that 4GB gives you the best speeds of all memory cards (be it ExtremeIII, PlatinumII or UltraII in order of speed), whilst 8GB are considerably slower. Even so, you can still use 8GB perfectly well and the difference (if I remember from other posts correctly) will be from 2-6MB/s r/w speeds.

    Just look at the other posts on memory card speeds (there are a lot of them now) and you should find the information you need. EDIT: The best solution I have found is simply to use 2 or 3 4GB cards, the best of all worlds - speed, capacity and organization.
  4. IBNobody

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    Nov 16, 2006
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    My 8GB Platinum II:

    My 2x 4GB Platinum II's:

    The 4GB's read faster. The 4GB's write faster. The 4GB's even have more space, with roughly 25MB per card or 50 for the whole thing.

    If you can only fit two big games on your current 4GB card, just buy another 4GB card. How many games do you really need? [​IMG]