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    So for people not in the know, 2playerproductions created a documentary about the Blip Festival held in New York and chiptune artists in general called Reformat the Planet. It's going to premier in Austin, TX during the SXSW Film Festival, where a few of the artists will also perform. But don't plan to go unless you have $700-1000 to get in... I was really looking forward to this, since Austin's only an hour away compared to going to New York, but damn... I DON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY!

    So given this is a gaming board slanted more towards all things nintendo, I'm going to assume at least a few of you out there are familiar with 8bitpeoples or other chiptune musicians. Anyone excited about this movie, or been to a chiptune show or something? Favorite artists?

    http://www.vimeo.com/450090/ I just recently checked this guy out after I visited the 2pp site, and this song is absolutely a blast. Chip breakcore, perfect.
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    yea i'm kinda digging this shit. except that party seemed lacking females [​IMG] i would love to see some hot chiptune loving girls. my favourite
    artists are ... well there are many. i especially like oldschool sid/ay/ym stuff but i like also other stuff.
    edit: huoratron is my one my favourites. www.huoratron.com .. btw. huora = whore [​IMG] it's really banging gameboy music. i can't really say
    what genre it is. huoratron says it's trolltechno. sounds right at least to me [​IMG]
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    * bit ownes man!

    btw anyone ever seen the iam8bit art show?