8.0.1- 6 burnt fuses. I Want to restore a Clean NAND backup to use EmuMMC. Am i in trouble?

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    I don't know actually. Start making the emummc work Nyx (hekates gui). Then see if it requires an image or if you can just image your nand. Worst comes to worst you might have to dump your nand first.

    There are also a few tutorials with setting up emummc. The ones I've seen used a nand image. I don't know which is best. Sorry. I haven't gone through the process myself yet. However, you will want to use the hidden partition option and not the split files.
  2. Roxasorg13

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    Mar 14, 2009
    UPDATE: My Fuse counter matched the one in the OS. I really dont know why because im pretty sure i booted into OFW more than once without entering RCM (when i didn´t have AutoRCM enabled) Maybe that was before i updated my OS

    Anyway. I restored my Clean NAND backup and everything went smooth, im just researching a little more About EmuMMC to proceed with the instalation lol