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    Oct 23, 2002
    [​IMG] New GBATemp Magazine Staff Announcement
    Here we announce the reviewer names, the magazine project is going to be reality very soon!!

    [​IMG] Announced the new GameBoy Advance SP
    The most popular game system in history is getting a facelift.
    A new version of Nintendo's handheld Game Boy, which has sold 150 million units since 1989 to Pokémon-crazed kids and bored travelers, is being updated to reflect consumers' increased expectations as well as to stay ahead of new competition from games played on cell phones.

    The Game Boy Advance SP with a flip-up, lighted color screen will cost $99 when it hits U.S. stores March 23, according to Nintendo. It joins Game Boy Advance, now $70, and replaces the discontinued Game Boy Color system.

    Screen visibility has been a particular sticking point in the past with users. "The one big complaint about Game Boy Advance has always been it has a dark display," says Simon Price, analyst with International Development Group. Billy Berghammer, director of an influential Nintendo Internet site called Planet GameCube, adds: "I used to get a headache from squinting at that screen."

    The Advance SP includes lighting along the screen's edge. For the first time, it also comes with a rechargeable battery pack instead of depending on disposable AA cells. The battery pack lasts about 10 hours including the light and up to 18 hours with the light off.

    According to Nintendo, Advance SP is compatible with all previous Game Boy cartridges. More than 300 games have been released for the Advance system with hundreds more available for Game Boy.

    The other major change is its clamshell design. Shaped like a cosmetics compact, the SP has its 2.4-by-1.6 inch screen built into its lid and unfolds vertically. It folds into a 3-inch square about an inch thick — nearly half the size of earlier units.


    [​IMG] 0847 - Kururin Paradise JAPAN 64 Mbits (Gbatemp)

    [​IMG] 0846 - K-1 Pocket Grand Prix 2 JAPAN 64 Mbits (Gbatemp)

    [​IMG] Medabots RPG save issue
    If you have problems saving with this game ( most probably if you are a Flash2Advance owner) just patch the rom with SRAMPATCHER before flashing it. You can find this tool in our tool section , simply unzip the files and drag the .gba rom on the srampatch.exe file.
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