7.0.0, should I update my sysnand to current 9.0.1 firmware?

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    I have a clean but hack-able 1st gen switch on firmware 7.0.0. sysnand. Purchased the SX OS Pro and was looking for some good advice on how to proceed properly. I've been reading that most current games only require 8.1.0 to run. But most newer game updates are requiring 9.0.1 firmware (ex: Luigi's Mansion 3) and possibly all game updates from here on out. Then the 9.0.1 game card reader firmware update, once i update firmware to 9.0.1 I'll only be able to play game cards on 9+ firmware. Process I had in mind:

    1. Format 200gb SD Fat32
    2. Keep sysnand clean (back up nand)
    3. Setup up emunand
    4. Setup Homebrew
    5. Format 1tb external exFat32 (to load/install .xci & .nsp) from docking station

    Any input, & links to current guides or video tutorials would be great also.
  2. thesjaakspoiler

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    Most popular titles are 'downgraded' by hackers so they work also on firmwares 7+.

    Once you upgrade to the 9+ firmware, you have to upgrade the firmware for the cart reader in order to play carts.
    There is no going back afterwards, not even with a clean Nand.
    Even if you would keep your clean FW7 nand around, you won't be able to play any official carts online anymore as your cart reader won't work so you can only play pirated game, which will get you banned eventually.
    The only way I see is to keep a clean nand around for FW7 and don't upgrade the cart reader firmware.
    But that will only last until you buy an official game that requires FW9.
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    yes, you can patch your xci to accept lower fw but you may have issues. unlesss you want access to online+eshop the sysnand doesn't need to be updated. and your steps to update is correct
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