'50 Cent: Blood on the Sand' new video!

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    "Isn't he supposed to be Bulletproof? A fresh new video and screens from THQ's 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand show off the game's cover system, which involves Fiddy shouting expletives between firing weapons.

    At first I was a bit taken aback by the cover system, which as I said revolves around calling the enemy all sorts of bad names and then firing your weapon in their general direction, but after considering it for awhile I came to a realization: this is exactly what they do in action movies. You get behind something, insult your opponent's mother, and then shoot them. Hell, it save Xbox Live players a great deal of time by insulting the opposition automatically. That's innovation folks."

    Source + video!
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    Words cannot effectively express what I'm thinking right now.
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    Everyone should boycott this game as a matter of principle, Im saying dont even pirate the thing! [​IMG]
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    What, this game makes 50 cent look buff, when in the first game you had the enjoyable fun of "pickin' up da' dry cleanah's"