5 January 2003

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    [​IMG] Releases Swap 842843
    According to Pocketheaven's list ( http://www.pocketheaven.com ) release 842 is now Higanbana (Japan) while release 843 is now Inspector Gadget Racing (Europe)

    [​IMG] GBAtemp goes .NET!
    Thanks to our friend Costello we have a new domain!
    You can now visit us by typing http://www.gbatemp.net
    It's easier to remember... isn't it [​IMG]
    The old redirect http://gbatemp.2ya.com will be working too.

    [​IMG] GoBoy 1.1 Released
    GoBoy is a Gameboy / Gameboy Color emulator for Nokia 7650
    - Emulates most GameBoy and GameBoy Color roms
    - Runs games directly from Inbox
    - Full ZipMan integration to run zipped roms without needing to extract to a file
    - Source code available
    What's missing:
    - Sound support
    - 2-player Link support
    - Battery support
    - Save games

    Visit Goboy homepage at www.wildpalm.co.uk
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