4869 - KORG DS-10 PLUS (USA) (256Mbit) (Xenophobia)

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    4869 - KORG DS-10 PLUS (USA) (256Mbit) (Xenophobia)
    Rom Number: 4869
    Game Full Name: KORG DS-10 PLUS
    Release Group: Xenophobia
    DSi Enhanced: Yes
    Rom size 256Mbit
    Archive Name: xpa-ds10.rar
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Product Features

    * Exchange sounds and songs and play with up to eight units simultaneously through a wireless communications link.
    * Improved professional-grade music tool software for Nintendo DSi/DS at a greater cost performance value than the original KORG DS-10.
    * Optimized for DSi with 12-voice polyphony and to double the power of the original KORG DS-10: 4 analog synthesizer tracks and 8 dedicated drum tracks, increase the total number of tracks from 6 to 12 (DSi only).
    * Song mode revamped for expanded song composition and real-time performance. Per track Mute/Solo built into the Song Mode, and Edit/Play enabled for all modes to further improve real-time performance (available for DSi/DS).
    * Delay, chorus, and flanger sound effects available from the mixing board, and three different note-entry modes: Touch Screen control, keyboard screen, and matrix screen.

    *meh* Please coders show us your Talent and hack the friggin DSi Mode -.-
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    Now a dupe thread (Please go HERE) next time you wish to submit a release thread in the correct format.
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