480i vs 480p?

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    Jan 30, 2008
    I just discovered something that has been around for about a month. While I was playing a demo of Portal: Still Alive, I went to Settings and then I found out that I am playing the game on 480i. I am using a third-party RGB SCART cable which vastly improves the picture. By doing some googling, I found out that 480p is far superior to 480i but someone said a difference will only be noticed with a HDTV. Since I don't have the money yet for a HDTV, I am currently using a standard CRT 44" rear projection TV with great picture quality.

    When I used the official composite cables, it gave me the option to use 480p, not 480i.

    Should I be bothered about it?
  2. nin10do

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    Dec 22, 2007
    p pwns i.

    my cousin has one of those rear projection tv's and i can see a clear diff on it between 780p and 1080i. the 780p on it looks better than a 1080i !!!

    i read that the i thing only works at 30 cycles but the p works at 60. in effect that means 780p is 780 at 60

    while 1080i is 1080 at 30 or 540 at 60... meaning p is wayyyyyyyyyyy better.
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