48 hours of breeding pokemon and save file corrupted

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    Hello! anyone that care to read this and hopefully someone can help me.

    I played 48 hours of Pokemon Heart Gold on my Acekard 2i.
    48 hours.... most of that time was spend on breeding pokemon.
    After i beat the elite 4 and the ending credit then it tells me my file had been corrupted.
    "The save file will be erased due to corruption or damage"
    Can anyone help me save my hard work...?
    i just want the Pokemon i worked so hard breeding back... with that said of course i would love to have everything in my save game back if possible.

    I tired using http://www.shunyweb.info/convert.php#
    but it didnt work maybe i m doing it wrong? if anyone want to give it a try, free feel.




    i used Pokesav and made a new saved file with save as.
    with the new save file it worked.
    if u were trying to help thanks [​IMG]
    if u have this same problem try Pokesav