4670 vs 4830 on a stock PSU

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    Jun 18, 2007
    So I recently purchased a Dell computer (tell me this isn't a good deal [​IMG] ) but I'm torn as to which graphics card I should fit it with. At the time of writing, I can get my choice of brand 4670 for 70 after rebates or an ASUS 4830 for 75 after rebates (and free shipping, making it on par with the 4670). Now before I get flooded with replies about how the PSU doesn't have a plug for the 4830, I plan to take the SATA > MOLEX > 6 pin PCIE route, the question is if the 300W (CONTINUOUS power, not peak output) power supply can handle an E7400 and a 4830. This claims that a full system with a larger processor and a 4830 takes only 208 Watts at full load. Is 100 Watts (minus a DVD drive and whatever resistance added by the adapters I suppose) enough extra power for me to not run into complications?

    No, I'm not springing for a power supply