4.1U Softmod Questions

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Chatham, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Aug 5, 2009
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    So I have System Menu 4.1U, with HBC, DVDX, Backup Channel, and USB Loader GX Installed (with a forwarder channel)... And I just installed Preloader 0.29 and BootMii as a safety net (backed up my NAND BEFORE installing Preloader, mostly because of this thread!)

    Should I leave preloader as the initial boot? I kinda want to forward to the System Menu (and I know holding reset on boot gets Preloader Menu)... But if my system menu bricked would that trick still work? And are the "System Menu Hacks" like moving the disc channel "safe"? And is there any way with preloader installed to recieve the usual stand-by "blue-lights" for messages? Sorry if these are noobish questions, I just want the safest (and most cosmetically appealing [​IMG]) way to have a soft modded Wii.

    And this is a little off-topic, but what exactly is up with the 20102 error I keep hearing about? And why does it seem like these bans come in "waves"? I've also heard conflicting reports from different sources that the bans come from using Ocarina only, and others say just having the Homebrew Channel (HAXX file) can get you bricked... Anyone know what's up? I use Ocarina completely disconnected from WiiConnect24 occasionally (freakin' 150cc!), but when I go online I always remove the app completely from the SD for precaution... I've been fine so far, but I use Wii Connect 24 so much it would really suck to get and IP/Wii ban from the Ninty servers... [​IMG]
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    HBC can't get you banned, cheating only in online games. There's an anti-ban cheat already out there, so if you get banned, no big deal. Just don't cheat.

    You can forward Preloader to system menu, if you get the System files corrupted error, just hold reset on boot and you can get to the Preloader menu. System menu hacks are safe, I don't think there are any hacks to brick your Wii.