4.0 Wii "softmod"

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by sfjuocekr, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. sfjuocekr

    sfjuocekr Advanced Member

    Jun 23, 2009
    During my testing on the "softmodding" I found a few questionable steps ...

    First we use bannerbomb to get LoadMii to work.

    Secondly we use IOS35.wad to get a Truncha bugged version installed and then we install cIOSv7.wad.
    Now this step is where my questions arise ... why not install HBC using the HackMii installer and then run the DVDx tool to downgrade IOS35?

    Next is it needed to install cIOSv7.wad instead of running the cIOS36_rev10-Installer?

    Because on my system I just install HBC with the HackMii installer, downgrade IOS35, then run the cIOS36_rev10-Installer, then run the cIOS38_rev13b-Installer and finally downgrade using IOS Downgrader v1.

    If I get an error during the cIOS36_rev10-Installer step I just install IOS36-64-v1042.wad (gives an error if you use IOS36, but works when you select IOS35).

    After I've done this I install Gamma Backup Loader, install Preloader v0.29 and everything works fine.

    So my first question is, why install IOS35.wad ... because after downgrading IOS35 this should not be needed?
    My second question is, why install cIOSv7.wad ... because this is simply IOS36-64-v1042 and the installer for rev10 seems to work just fine?
    And the third? Why install IOS60Patched.wad? Preloader patches IOS60 ... and everything I install (WiiWare and VC games etc work fine ...)

    Altho there is ONE game that doesnt work, but I blame the wad I downloaded (Sonic 1 for Mega Drive).

    Further testing is to be done ... ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PRELOADER INSTALLED or a Wii with BootMii/boot2 installed!!!!!!

    You can revert you Wii to a "virgin state" by running AnyTitle_Deleter_HBC, delete all IOS > 200 and then run AnyRegionChanger to downgrade back to 3.2 ... you can now use the update option to go back to 4.0!

    Im just doing this to find out the MINIMUM amount of required steps to get HBC, Backup Launcher and WAD Manager working ... the rest "should just work OOB".

    PS: Hum, I might have not deleted IOS249 once or twice and henche you need to install IOS36-64-v1042 before running cIOS36_rev10-Installer when installing on a "virgin" Wii.

    ... more testing on its way, I've now got some friends playing on my Wii [​IMG]
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