3DS XL wont connect to DS Wifi

Discussion in '3DS - Nintendo Network' started by Darksaiyan9000, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Hey guys so recently i found my old Pokemon Diamond and i told my friend(Who lives in japan and were both Pokemon fans) i found it and he was like "Cool lets do a wifi Battle" and i said OK but when i tried connecting to the Wifi Via the connection settings menu it said "The access point's security settings are not supported by the Nintendo DS. For more help, visit support.nintendo.com" just like that
    Now i already know that there are 3 types of game modes (DS mode, DSi mode, and 3DS mode) and i also know that DSi and 3DS games use the 3DS's connection settings and the DS games use different settings located under the "Connection Settings' called "Nintendo DS Connections" in the 3DS internet settings menu but every time i try to connect it always shows that message
    it doesn't detect my home wifi or the neighbors wifi or even public wifi and i have no trouble connecting the 3DS Wifi and im able to use the internet browser and online features on Mario Kart 7 but is there any way to fix it so i can connect my Pokemon Diamond to the internet Thanks
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    Diamond is DS-mode. DS-mode can only use WEP.

    Either change your wireless to WEP security (easily hacked, not recommended), or buy one of those DS wifi dongle USB things you plug into your PC to feed a separate wireless connection for just the DS.
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    Nevermind, it looks like I'm finally able to get one of the dongles.