Hacking 3DS XL showing black screen on most games after launch


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Sep 15, 2018
Toronto, Ontario
Another day, another issue. This time, I'm having issues launching my dumped games. Almost 75% of my game library won't launch properly, and will just show a black screen. Can't invoke Rosalina menu, or the HOME menu. My only option is to power off. While this wasn't an issue yesterday, today I tried to upgrade my SD Card from 32 to 64, and I didn't have access to a PC at the time, so I wanted to install Universal Updater to get homebrew functional. How I did that was, I first turned off the DS, took out the 32 card and put in the 64, booted up and let it populate the Nintendo 3DS folder (which I thought would allow it to add the *.db files), fail that, boot GM9, copy the *.db files from the 32 card to the 64 card (thru the GM9 ramdisk), Install Universal Updater through GM9, and find most of my games are in presents. I then switch back to my 32 card to see if anything bad happened, and all my games were still wrapped. After that, I searched through the wrapped apps to find Cthulu, to mass unwrap them, but not even Cthulu launches. I did manage to finally get home and access my PC, but I think it's a little too late for that. As of right now, I'm currently running @TurdPooCharger 's CTR Transfer Type D9 script to rebuild the database, in hopes that will fix the black screen errors. Once that finishes, I'm planning on going through each individual application to see what happens. And before all of this, I did make a NAND backup, just in case.

EDIT: It seems that rebuilding the 3DS database fixed my issues. I cannot thank you enough, @TurdPooCharger . You have saved my butt so many times.
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