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    So for the last few months, I kept getting the message that whatever game I had been playing on my XL, had been ejected and that I need to hit the home button now. this happened whenever I put the game in sleepmode and carried it around in my pocket for a few minutes (normal, clean pockets, normal walking, like buying groceries). This happened to different carts, both 3ds and ds ones.

    Today, for the first time, this happened while I was just normally playing, not even holding the 3DS in hand, it way laying flat on the table. Ever since I got my XL 2 or 3 years ago, I've been taking very good care of it, it never dropped or anything, so I have no idea why this is starting to happen. I can't really imagine the cart slot being worn out or anything, cause I really didn't switch games all that much. by far not as often as I did on my old gameboys and ds.
    Last month, I carefully used a qtip and some compressed air to clean the cart slot just in case there was some dust or something trapped inside but it didn't seem to help much, but I did it again today just in case.

    Is this a reoccuring thing for the 3ds? What could cause this? I really cant imagine that the cart gets moved so violently while being in my pockets to really dislodge the contacts, let alone it happening when its just laying on the table, but it also doesn't seem like any of the contacts in the cart slot are bent or otherwise damaged, while the game carts contacts also look absolutely fine.
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    As unbelievable as this sounds, there is a chance the 3DS contacts are more fragile than the DSs. I dont know how, maybe try cleaning them with something or making sure you are gentle with the system? I dont know, I have been having a few issues with my DSTWO lately so i kinda understand.
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