3DS XL and Wii U

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    So we know that the 3DS XL is coming in mid-August (NA release), and that

    With that being said, this only gives Nintendo about three and a half months after the 3DS XL's release to launch the Wii U. Am I the only one slightly bothered by this?

    In the case of Nintendo fans (some of which would want to get both systems, obviously at launch), that's quite a lot to pay in just 3.5 months. I would sell my current 3DS to help me pay for the 3DS XL, but unfortunately I'll need both systems in my hands at the same time in order to transfer all my eShop games and ambassador rewards, due to Nintendo's ingenuity and inability to create some cloud system or account (no, not Club Nintendo), which would allow me to wipe everything off my old system, have an on-line backup, and simply transfer that to my new system.

    Seeing as this isn't possible, I will have to keep my current 3DS until after I've gotten my 3DS XL, by which the price (at least for a secondhand) would be way lower.

    Personally, my only way to reasonably escape this:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Ignoring my very silly and immature rant in the spoiler, what do you guys think of Nintendo's decision? Is this affecting you in any way? Feel free to share opinions.
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    you are right about that, it annoys me too because i have to keep the 3ds to do the system transfer and i can't afford to keep both the 3ds and dsi xl (why can't nintendo make it simple like android os), also you are lucky, if you were working and you were living by yourself you wouldn't be able to afford all those luxuries XD
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    You could always not buy a Wii U at launch?

    Also, blogs?
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    Personally I'm not buying either so I don't particularly care.
  5. Pleng

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    Sep 14, 2011
    Or not get an XL straight away?

    Both work