3ds won't download games to new SD card

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    First off, I would like to start off by thanking everyone who helped me get the SD card working on the 3ds. Anyways, not long ago, I bought a 256gb card and I was able to get it working on the 3ds. The problem is that I can't download games on the thing. Either it gives me a connection error in the beginning or the download stops near 99%. I tried downloading things on my old SD card and it was all fine. But then I noticed when moving the things from the old SD to the New , certain files were giving me an error message. Something about corruption or something. Anyways, .app files, cmd folders, and data folders weren't going through. Is there any way to fix this or is the SD just a huge waste? Is this because the card is Samsung?

    - I also noticed that I just called it a 3ds in the whole title thing, but it is a New 3ds
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    Did you buy your card online? Be wary of online sellers selling cards that claim to have a lot of space and even seemingly display that they do have that much in a computer, but as you fill it up you may find it actually only holds like 8GB. If you bought it directly from best buy or the like, I dunno what the issue would be, I have a 200GB card on my N3DS and it works just fine for downloading and everything.
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