3ds with no circle pad function, any use of the system then at all?

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    Trying to fix the circle pad of the old original 3ds i have still i fucked up the circit so theres no way to fix it without getting a whole new mother board. Luckly I had modded a new 2ds xl. Anyway is the any use I can still get from this 3ds or just toss it since well alot games and apps need the circle pad.
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    You can use it to play NDS games and probably games from older systems like SNES or GB with homebrew and emulators.
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    Dropping these links in case your circuit is the joystick module and not the motherboard. There are slightly cheaper options for a single module for around $2. Check for circle pad caps that are made rubber coated.

    [ifixit] Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Joystick Replacement

    [eBay] 2X Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL Joystick Analog Original OEM Part Nintendo Replacement