3DS vs 3DS XL, price of used, plus other questions

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    So, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and upgrading to a 3DS XL from the original 3DS I have by taking advantage of the Target $159.99 deal, and then selling my old one (after I transfer my stuff over), but I'm still indecisive about whether going XL is a good idea. So....

    For those that have had both a 3DS and 3DS XL (not necessarily at the same time), what are your thoughts between the two? Which do you prefer and why? I hear things like the XL has a yellow tint on the screens, the speakers and volume are poor, clicky D-Pad, etc. People may simply be exaggerating, but maybe they are not. Obviously since I'm thinking of going XL, what are the positive attributes that would want me to ditch my old 3DS, and what are the negative attributes that would want me to stick with what I have. I'm just wanting to see if the positives outweigh the negatives, or vice-versa.

    Now, if it comes down to me actually getting an XL, I'll have no need for my old one (NA Aqua Blue) so I'd likely sell it. It has been taking well care of, no dropping or physical damage, resided in a non-smoking environment, and has all documents (registration code was used) and the box, all still in great condition. It did have some defects during its lifetime like the cameras going wacko, but it has been sent to Nintendo and been repaired, as well as having the warranty renewed within the last couple of months. It was also a launch system, but because I'd be transferring my content to the new device, it won't have things like the Ambassador games on it. So all-in-all, the device is in working condition. So, how much do you think I could get for it on eBay? Is $80-100 an acceptable amount? More? Less?

    Also, I own a DSTWO, and when trying to use it in my 3DS, it feels rather tight because of how compact the system is. The 3DS XL is bigger, so I wonder if it is as tight when inserted into the XL like the original, or is it a little more loose?
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    There are only 3 differences:
    The 3DS is smaller and more portable then the XL, but the XL has a bigger screen and better battery life.
    I personally like the regular 3DS better, since it's more comfortable in my hands. Try playing with an XL at Target for 5 min. and decide if it's worth it.
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    Hey, there

    I never owned an original before, but i get to mess around with them a lot, because of my friends, i have thoroughly convinced a lot of them to start getting 3ds for monster hunter and such,
    what i can say about the xl compared to the original is that yes, i do agree that the speakers on the original are noticeable louder, but if you play in a quiet environment it's not like you cant hear it at all, think again that an XL is sacrificing a lot of portability; for me i don't really care, as a college student i'm not carrying it around in my pocket, i have it in a case in my backpack, at all times, so idk much loud places you would be, and also headphones kick ass on the 3ds system anyways.

    The other real main difference is that, the 3 buttons in the middle, select, start and home, are vastly superior in my opinion, i like having actual tactile buttons, instead of that membranous thing the original had. Also the XL comes with the 4gb card, that won't really matter if you're using your own SD card already though, i just think it's a nice bonus.

    Bigger screen is amazing, some ppl don't care, others say the pixels stretch out, but the XL does an Amazing job, at making it look good on that big ass screen(Kingdom hearts 3D looks freaking amazing even on a bigger screen, looks almost better imo), What i would say is another pro, the original has a very, glossy screen from what I've seen, and the Xl is more matte, finish so less glare, I have herd that the sweet spot for the Xl to work is better, i cant really say, don't play in 3d too much, but when i do, i don't find it terribly hard, to get the 3d to work.

    another pro, again opinion, is the design is just better for me, it is just a better looking handheld, smoother edges, sleek design, STYLUS AT THE SIDE, all make for a very comfortable device in your hands, especially if you have bigger ones, like I do.

    One con would be that there is no circle pad pro for XL in america, Yet. but you can import a Japanese one, if you REALLY need it,

    There are no cons about staying with the old version, but i honestly can say that it makes you revisit old games, just to see them on a bigger screen.
    The DSTwo, i just bought mine a couple of weeks ago, and i can't say what the ds2 feels like in an original, but on the Xl it does feel a bit tight to put the cartridge in; so i would just say it's probably the same between xl, and the original, Also Awesome that the DS2 still works after the most recent update.
  4. Ergo

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    The only real differences are the speakers are slightly worse and the games are a bit less sharp on XL--other than that, the other differences should be pretty obvious.

    (Get the XL--it's better.)
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