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    We split the old "hacking & homebrew" section in distinct forums to help users find the places to discuss and easilly find thread matching their interests without being annoyed by the thread creation flood of the users interested only with flashcarts and playing ROMs.

    It appears that users are still creating threads in random location instead of following dedicated sections.
    So I think some posting guideline is necessary to help everyone find the best place to post new thread and get faster answers from users interested by the same subjects.

    - Flashcarts
    - EmuNAND
    - Save format and question on how to use them with flashcarts/EmuNAND
    - 3DS to CIA conversion (this is NOT a ROM hacking, you don't edit the game's content, you convert the format for Flashcart/emuNAND so it goes to Flashcart and EmuNAND Section!)
    - Information on new/future flashcart compatibility or releases
    - Game compatibility or game issues with flashcart/EmuNAND (unless it's related to a translation or patch, but then ask in the existing project thread, don't create a new one for questions).

    - General Hacking discussion
    There's no section dedicated to General hacking discussion.
    As historical reason (before we split the forum in different sections), we would ask you to continue using the old "hacking and homebrew" now renamed as Flashcart and EmuNAND Section for such discussions.
    General hacking discussion covers hardware mods or new hacking discoveries (exploits) etc.
    anything not directly related to Homebrew release or ROM hacking.

    This section is used to talk about ROM hacking and Computer's utilities only.
    If you need information on what we define as ROM hacking, there is a short list to help you choose where to post your new thread:

    • ROM hacking cover editing the game's content:
    - Translations
    - Texture edition
    - Extracting files
    - injecting new files or content in games
    - Level editors
    - Patching game's files to affect game play (cheatcode or other means, I guess power save has his place here)
    - Anything which affects the game's internal files!

    • Utilities covers all form of applications, as long as it's run on computers (not on console).
    - Utilities used for ROM hacking
    - video or media editor/converter
    - Game file format converter or viewer
    - EmuNAND dumper/manager (could go to EmuNAND section, but it's easier to put and find all Computer's programs in the same section, but we accept threads located in Flashcart section too)
    - ROM writers (same as above. It's related to flashcart, but it's easier to post all compter's programs in the same section, but we accept threads located in Flashcart section too)
    - Game/savegame editor or managers
    - Anything running on computer!

    I keep this thread open if you want to discuss about it or our thread location and moving policy.
    I hope it will help everyone find their place on this new forum sections.
    Thank you
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