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Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by Sicklyboy, May 28, 2012.

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    After replying to a topic asked by a new member about a link he found on youtube leading to a scam 3DS hack, I had an idea - similar to the header/blurb at the top of the Tutorials section, would it be possible to add something similar to that saying that the 3DS isn't hacked yet, no expected date on when it will be, no progress towards hacking is known, no way to play 3DS roms yet, etc. etc. to the Hacking and Homebrew subforum? I think that may draw the attention of new members more than the "raed this first/3DS is not hacked/not able to be emulated yet" thread, despite the yellow highlighting on the entire topic grid.

    Just an idea, just shooting the crap.
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  2. TheRedfox

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    I don't call this an idea, i call this a great idea:P
  3. Another World

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    the only way someone could miss the highlighted stickied thread would be if they had no previous knowledge about how forums work. if that was the case then i would hope that they would have enough common sense to poke around before asking such questions. i don't see the need for redundancy. i think the highlighted sticked topic is more than enough.

    -another world
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    It really makes no difference what we have pinned or if we have blurbs at the top or anything like that. A noob is a noob, and if they think there is the smallest chance that they have stumbled over a hack that everyone else has miraculously missed they will make a thread about it. And despite anything we do which says that no hack exists they will simply ignore it and make a thread regardless.
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  5. Lilith Valentine

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    I agree with P1ng.
    Right now we have sticky that is 100% unmissable, but noobs still ignore it and make threads anyways. Instead of getting bent out of shape by some noob being a noob, just report the thread and move on.