3DS games could be up to 8GB

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    3DS games could be up to 8GB
    Nintendo contracts cartridge maker

    Nintendo 3DS game cartridges could hold up to 8 GigaBytes in space according to a Taiwanese website.

    Gamrade is reporting that Nintendo has contracted Taiwanese company Macronix to produce the 3DS's cartridges, which the company says can hold up to 8GB in space should Nintendo require a cartridge that big.

    Nintendo has previously set a tentative limit of 2GB for 3DS games, but the report seems to suggest that this limit could change in the future and that games could go up in size.

    The largest size DS cartridge is 512MB, so 3DS games could theoretically be 16 times larger. Incidentally this is the same size jump from the Game Boy Advance's maximum cartridge size (32MB) to the DS's maximum size, so it makes sense.

    However, it may be a while into the 3DS's life cycle until we start to see games that size as they would be larger than most Wii games.

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