3DS Expansion Slidepad + Monster Hunter Tri G

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    After some rather surprising and unorthodox rumors floating around, at least two were finally confirmed. Famitsu magazine officially confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS is indeed receiving an officially Nintendo made slide pad addon that you can connect to the 3DS. Details-

    - It will be named the Expansion Slidepad
    - Release sometime in the near future for an unknown price in Japan
    - Second analog stick added (indentical in design but smaller than original)
    - Increases shoulder buttons to four (adds L2 and R2).
    - The Expansion Slidepad acts as a sort of cradle, it makes the system overall larger
    - Seems to plug into the AC adapter port for its power
    - Unknown how the system recognizes new buttons, possibly the IR port

    As of now, it is unknown whether the device will be mandatory for any game, though it appears to have been designed with input from Capcom similar to the Wii's Classic Controller. In addition to what we know, it is speculated that the accessory cradle may have connectors on the back for future expansions, perhaps for a larger capacity battery. Speculation might add that Nintendo could potentially inplement this new accessory natively into a potential future redesign of the 3DS (though that would depend on how many games really use the accessory).

    Also announced was Capcom's Monster Hunter Tri G for the 3DS. Details-

    - Enhanced port of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii
    - Water and swimming from Wii version will remain intact
    - Includes 12 weapon types
    - Local multiplayer confirmed, online details weren't given
    - Touching the screen will face a monster
    - The main cover monster is named Blakidios
    - Series supervisor Ryozo Tsujimoto calls Expansion Slidepad "secret weapon" for playing the 3DS game
    - Unknown as of yet whether the game will require the accessory
    - Will be out in Japan by the end of 2011. No US date announced yet.

    Check Source #2 for several scans of the game.[/p]
    [​IMG] Source #1
    [​IMG] Source #2
    [​IMG] On-Going Discussion
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