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    Jul 20, 2020
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    Ok so the title is probably really hard to understand I tried my best XD. But to go more in depth, I installed the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire CIA three times and each time it took like 10-15 minutes to download then at the end it failed. I already discovered myself why the download failed, or at least if i’m correct that is =v= (i alr had a download for it and so it was a bad ticket or something, i deleted the ticket and decided to just extract my cart to my device), but that’s not why i’m posting here. I’m wondering what happens to the space on my SD card? Is there now three random installations of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire somewhere on my SD card? And if so, how do I delete them? Or did it not actually install in the first place. Because my cia still exists in my cias folder, but says it’s an archive when I delete it and says it’s 0 mb. Where did all this space go? Is there actually three copies or just one orrrr... Yeah i’m very confused lol. Would be nice to understand how this works cuz i’m getting low on sd card space with all the stuff i’ve been doing as of late. Thanks!
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    Jul 23, 2018
    If the installation is bad, you can easily uninstall it. But if fbi gives you an error, the game isn't installed afaik. Try to install the game via pc and custom install. This is pretty much faster.
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