3DS boot fail/Black Screen of Death, potentially fixing with NAND dumping?

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    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a fine evening.

    To begin with, this is not a fix. I am seeking for help and ideas.

    Before I begin, I would like to make a note that this is an original white Japanese 3DS from 2011. I had 3 downloaded games (Pokemon x, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros 4). The warranty is no longer available and prompted me to go even deeper into the 3DS with this issue which would void warranties. After all of my various research, there are no fixes from what I found which is why I want to hear from experienced people. I have called nintendo of America to see if they have any authorization on Japanese systems which they said no to and if they could potentially fix foreign systems (which they said it will still cost me $90). Since my father lives in Japan he is going to get me the new 3DS with the c stick next month on release day October 11. I plan to transfer all my downloaded games to that 3DS along with the save data but this brick is making it very difficult for me to do so. Now Nintendo of America does do system transfer through serial code and that is an option that I can take. However from some sources I have read on Japanese websites that nintendo of Japan has a different policy and that they don't simply take the serial code to perform a system transfer. Some sources said that nintendo believes in the "you broke it, your fault" motto and refuses to perform the file transfer. However these posts are very old mainly from 2011 and with the new NNID system that nintendo has implemented with the latest update I have no idea how Nintendo's policy work in Japan now. I will bring some updates in how it will go when my father calls Nintendo of Japan next week to see if they will allow a system file transfer or not via serial code. Now that I have tried everything to fix the system, my last resort is to actually getting into the nit picky technical aspects of the system. I will most likely perform the installation of a nand dump from a hardware mod.

    I can be the partial blame as I've most likely killed the 3DS processor. I had a habit of leaving my 3DS on sleep mode on the charger dock for a VERY LONG time (and I mean long). I would usually come back and play the 3DS when I get a new game etc. However the processing power after a very long time of non usage, stated to become really slow. Opening up the home menu would take a long time and so do other things in the menu. The game play and everything was okay but the problem lies within loading. It was last week a few days after getting the new Super Smash Bros 4 for the 3DS where my 3DS started experiencing the Black Screen of Death. After countless hours of research I think I have distinguished the two types of BSOD. One is the infamous error display as shown below

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    this is usually the symptom caused by the wifi card which is usually fixed by remounting the wifi card inside the 3DS and such.

    As for the other one (the one I am dealing with) features these symptoms

    To see a visual, here's a video of the same problem this person is having


    1. Turning on the system leads to a lit black screen with no text.
    2. Pressing the power button leads to a screen that informs you about the sleepmode and an option to turn the 3DS off on the bottom screen or to press the home button to return to the home menu.
    3. Choosing to turn off simply turns it off and pressing the home button causes it to remain in the screen that says "Home Menu" This remains in this screen for as long as you have the 3DS (I have left the 3DS on over night in that menu and still nothing)
    4. There are couple of start up commands you can bring up with certain buttons to bring up various settings in the menu. Regardless of action it all ends with shutting the system down.

    -L+R+A+up will bring you to the system update menu. It will try to connect to an access point to find an update. Since mine is fully updated it simply closes the menu and turns the system off.
    -You can play with the wifi settings when it fails to reach an access point. It will take you to a menu where it will search for networks etc and that is all working.

    -L+R+X brings up the touch screen calibration menu. Once it's been calibrated it turns the system off

    -L+R+Y brings up the circle pad calibration menu and does the same thing as the touch screen calibration menu.

    5. the 3D light will only illuminate when steps 2-4 is taking place.
    6. When turning on the 3DS, the blue light turns on and the wifi light also flickers. The charging light also lights up when it's charging.
    7. Sound works as long as the system is going through something that requires sound (aka steps 2-4)
    8. 3D mode works as long as you're in steps 2-4
    9. Closing the 3DS allows the system to go into sleepmode where the LCD screens turn off.
    10. Friends that I have added sees my system online through wifi in their friendslist.
    11. The orange light on the top right corner lights up when a friend goes online on my 3DS.
    12. Wifi can be turned off with the wifi switch.

    My investigation for a solution

    I have

    1. Hit my 3DS on the palm of my hand hoping that some shock to the 3DS would budge something
    2. removed the SD card and game
    3. Spam buttons in the black screen
    4. Reopening the 3DS repeatedly to trigger something in the sleepmode.
    5. Removing the batter and reinserting. Also tried to insert another battery from another 3DS
    6. Tried everything I could have without opening the 3DS
    7. When all else failed, dug into the 3DS as far as completely disassembling it.
    8. Reassembled the 3DS countless times
    9. Remounted the wifi card and reconnected the wire connected to it.
    10. Installed my motherboard onto another system. Installed another 3DS motherboard into my system
    Installing my motherboard on another 3DS still showed the BSOD.
    Installing another system's motherboard into my 3DS worked perfectly fine as it should have.
    11. Exchanged wifi cards and infrared sensors
    12. Blow on the motherboard?

    After all these things, still NOTHING

    I have come across various gateway threads explaining its capabilities with the nand dump and I feel as if this is kind of my last resort. I will try to install a hardware mod where I will dump the nand by soldering wires into the motherboard of the system connecting to an SD card as shown in this thread


    I feel as if this problem is being caused by some sort of bad blocks in the nand and I feel like fixing those bad blocks will MAYBE do the trick. I plan to extract the nand, and using Win32diskimager dumping the nand. Afterwards, using the J-Tag tool, fixing the bad blocks.

    Please, anybody. I wish someone can help me with this issue. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi, i have the same trouble that you had, i dont know if you could fix it, but if you could, can you tell me how you solve it, thanks.
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    I, too, have this issue. Is there any more information on this?
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    To transfer your system you should call Nintendo of Japan (since it's a japanese console, you have a japanese nnid, and will only be able to connect it to another japanese console), or email them.
    Tell them you bought a 3ds and want to transfer your nnid from your previous one but it's broken, they should accept it.
    I did mine (with NoE) by email, had to give:
    -old console serial number (which I didn't have since the sticker came off)
    -nnid email
    -nnid name/ID
    -nnid birthday
    -new console serial number

    Everything went right, they accepted to do it even though I didn't have the original serial. It only took some emails and hours.
    Since you're not doing it with the system transfer tools you will have to redownload the games you had, and will lose your saves!
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    Sep 23, 2013
    the original post is from like 2 years ago, i would hope they have already resolved the issue (or at least got over it XD), as for other people the only real options are running a system update i too hit one of these black screen bricks once, seeing as my 3DS was hard modded i simply restored a backup and it was fixed, but from how it was behaving it seemed something to do with the home menu was corrupt, the only thing you have access to really is the update screen, meaning that's the only thing you can do to try fix it unless you have a nand backup, in which case you can perform a hardmod and restore a good nand backup
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    Well, it's late to comment these days, but I left the comment because it will useful that someone looking for solution.
    I don't know exactly what really caused this but in my theory some kind of electric pulse caused a data corruption or partition fragmentation AFAIK.
    And it usually mainly affect home-menu contents corrupted and won't successful to boot up.

    First of all, I'd a same situation three times. All of them caused by hardmod.
    I'll list that three condition. If someone looking for this, it will be helpful.

    [1st] 3ds xl blue, on Oct, 2016

    I'd downgraded NATIVE_FIRM by myself, but after hardmod successfully did, it won't boot up.
    It looks same situation like op. I didn't know at that time. So I just ask for service center that fix it.
    Well luckily they fix the console without a problem.

    [2nd] 3ds xl pink, on Jan, 2017

    Same - After hardmod it won't boot up.
    Because that first experience, I asked for service center for fix it again
    but this time they didn't fix it. So i sell them AS-IS....

    [3rd] 3ds xl red, on July, 2017

    Same, but this time it I had installed b9s firm.
    So the condition same as op when the sysnand boot, but still I can use the other payload.
    I manually CTRTRANSFERed 9.2 nand.
    After finished, IT WORKS without a problem.

    I concluded in this situation by one line.

    This situation caused by NAND Partition corrupted, but you can fix it with b9s hardmod. (via CTRTransfer)

    So, that it.
    I hope it will be help to others.