3DS Battery Life Extenders Retail site Found

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Lots of people are posting:
    "where can i get the nyko power pak?"
    "is there anything i can use to extend my 3DS battery life"
    "when is the nyko shock n rock or nyko power grip going to be released"
    "why do i suck at sports?"

    Kidding about the last part but i found sites selling the 3ds battery life extenders specifically the nyko power grip and shock n rock.
    Here's your site:gamingzap.com
    don't think it ships outside of UK.

    Irony: dont think this one ships outside of US!!

    You can also use google shopping
    link here:google shopping
    but most of the sites you get don't yet have most of the products in stock.
    edit the google search box to specify your product.

    this might have to be stickied.(for a few weeks/months anyway.

    It is worth nothing i do not know the legitimacy of these sites.

    EDIT:you can also try the obvious i.e. amazon,ebay etc